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The part assigned to our group is a stairs, a challenging component. The start of the design process was strong. Lots of ideas and even more enthusiasm. The first ideas we had started with the principles of a wall. However our brief was to do a stairs, so on the second day we hit a wall. The strong points from the first idea we agreed upon were to allow vertical movement in two directions and obtain a high spatial adaptability. The stairs would be able to reconfigure into a desk, chair, bed and even a shelter. On the second day of the workshop the decision was made that we should not make a component that would transform into a stairs, but the other way around. Also the amount of configurations we tried to achieve was too much for the time frame for this workshop.

The final design is a thread in which all the components (links) are able to actuate the component to which they are attached. By the influence of the amount of light that is cast upon the component the structure will become either a desk or a stair. The amount of different configurations with these components is not limited to the proposed two configurations. The system consists of 15 threads ton allow 3 meters of vertical movement. Each thread is constructed out of 20 elements that are connected to each other by an axle.

The advantages of this set up is that it allows each component to rotate 180 degrees relating to the surrounding components. Because of this, the system is able to create an indoor landscape amongst which a stairs. Because we chose to only allow movement in X and Z plane, the connections in the Y plane had to be very rigid, that is where the tank-thread like design came into play.


Group1-cell1.jpg Group1-cell2.JPG Group1-cell3.JPG


Group1 model-1.jpg Group1model-2.jpg Group1model-3.JPG


Group1-carpet.jpg Group1-chair.jpg Group1-desk.jpg
Group1-ground.jpg Group1-stairs.jpg Group1-shelter.jpg


Group1-presentation 0.jpg Group1-presentation 01.jpg Group1-presentation 02.jpg Group1-presentation 03.jpg Group1-presentation 04.jpg
Group1-presentation 05.jpg Group1-presentation 06.jpg Group1-presentation 07.jpg Group1-presentation 08.jpg Group1-presentation 09.jpg
Group1-presentation 11.jpg Group1-presentation 12.jpg Group1-presentation 13.jpg Sample image.png Sample image.png



Group1-carpet.jpg Group1-chair.jpg Group1-desk.jpg
Group1-ground.jpg Group1-stairs.jpg Group1-shelter.jpg

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