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Inventarisation Users, Activities and Housing Systems

Potential Users

In this section, assumptions has been made about the potential users of the MultiMod Appartment. As you can see, the mainly focus lies in students, starters and elderly people. Rough estimations on their specific lifestyles have been made in order to use it later for interaction design. The focus on elderly people has not fully been decided upon, since in that case the appartment most likely will have to deal with more restrictive considerations.


Activities Appartment

Main activities in the MultiMod appartment have been mapped in the picture below. The aim is to use this rough data for the actual design of the appartment. The different specifications and movements related to certain activities could enhance particularities needed in spaces. Furthermore, what is relevant is that most activities are most related to the relaxing activity. Probable spatial implications will be designed later.


Context: Potential business models

Subscription Apartment: You don't buy for years, you subscribe for hours.

A subscription system which offers space for people, anywhere. Starting in the major city centers, expanding globally. By this system you book space you need at a specific time, and thereby use space in general very efficiently. Existing systems such as Green Wheels, AirBNB and other applications proof the relevance.

Sustainable model:

    -Better use of space
    -Responsibility of the quality of space by architect, therefor sustainable and robust design

Service for users:

    -Customizable configuration of activities for users (more choice!)
    -You only pay for what you need, higher cost-efficiency

Potential architecture outcomes of this idea:


Reference systems



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