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We have accepted the challenge to create a ceiling that besides this function also embraces other functions. Due to the design of interactive elements in or on the ceiling, the ceiling can be used in several ways. You can think of space separating elements, furniture, or even by applying different elements simultaneously to whole room layouts. It is chosen to design the elements so that they can move separately. As a result, it is possible to use the space in all sorts of different ways.


The idea of ​​this design is that various elements are fastened to the ceiling. The form we choose for the element is an upside down umbrella, but these elements can take many forms. From this upside down umbrella will, upon activation, furniture appear. Due to the shape of these ceiling elements to change there may be various furniture pieces. And by making use of various elements at the same time, it is possible to create an entire room layout. Group4- Diagram1.jpg


There are smaller elements located in the upside down umbrellas. These elements are made so that they can drift apart. Because use is made of different curvatures in this element, it is possible that the elements in the top have a slight curvature, and at the end a large curvature. By varying in the curvature or shape of the element, there are a number of possible options for the creation of furniture. In our example it is ensured that the last element comes to lie horizontally. This creates a flat surface, that can serve as a chair or table.

Cell1.jpg Cell2.jpg Cell3.jpg


We create an upside down ubrella by placing several of these “tentacles” in a circle. The drifting apart of these “tentacles” creates a cone. This cone can then be used as a piece of furniture. By adapting the number of "tentacles" that is used we create different shapes. Also, when within an upside down umbrella different “tentacles” are used, different shapes appear when these “tentacles” drift apart. Between the “tentacles” we see a fabric, used so that there is a place you can sit on, or place things on.

By making use of a motor and a sensor, the whole can function as an organ. All the tentacles are attached to the same engine and as a result they move in the same way and speed.

Example.jpg Body3.jpg Body2.jpg


A ceiling with a lot of these upside down umbrellas can fulfill different functions. One moment there will be hanging chairs and a table, so people can have a nice dinner. The next moment the room will be the decor of a bedroom. Also you can think of making notches in the elements. These can then be used as cupboards. Or think of lights on the inside of the elements for a nice atmosphere. The possibilities seem endless.

Vision day.jpg Vision night.jpg


Trial1a.jpg Trial1b.jpg Trial1.jpg Trial1d.jpg
Trial2a.jpg Trial2b.jpg Trial2d.jpg Trial2.jpg
Trial3a.jpg Trial3b.jpg Trial3.jpg Trial3d.jpg
Idea1.jpg Idea2.jpg Idea3.jpg Idea.jpg
Vision1.jpg Vision2.jpg Vision3.jpg Vision4.jpg


Laser1.jpg Laser2.jpg Laser3.jpg
Process1.jpg Process3.jpg Process4.jpg
Prototype1.jpg Prototype2.jpg Prototype3.jpg

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