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Introduction: Interactive Cladding System

Group 6 is: Mallika Arora, Wessel van Beerendonk, Mikal Papez, Sarah Roberts, Leon Spikker, Marvin Valk.

These interactive maneuverable components can be assembled in a range of scales to provide location-specific shading, privacy, and produce light at night. Components are independently controlled to open and close according to different levels of light throughout the day.

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Interactive Cladding System: Functions

Sun, Sound, Light, Privacy The interactive components can provide location-specific shading and gentle light filtration. They can also buffer sound if fabricated from noise-absorbant materials. Further, targeted shading can be controlled as well as programmable night lighting in various colors.

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Single Cell Logic

1. Establish the vertices of an equilateral triangle, the midpoints of its edges and its centroid.
2. Establish vector category A - form the edge midpoints to the centroid.
3. Establish vector category B - form the vertices to the centroid. The principle is that the vertices move along vector category B, as much as the edge midpoints move along vector category A, as much as the centroid moves upwards along the z – direction. So a single slider controls all these translations.
4. Establish planar surfaces along the fold lines.


Geometric Variants

Variants in geometry were also tested. Here, a new tessellation serves similar functions with different behavior.

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Multiple Cell Logic

1. Draft Surface to tessellate
2. Divide the surface into a triangulated pattern Each triangle becomes a subsurface, to which the single Panel script may be applied.
3. To control an incremental ‘swarm-like’ distributed pattern of panel folding that may be based on variable parameters of sunlight or motion sensing across the surface, introduce the ‘Random’ (grafted output) component to the slider controlling the motion translation.



Range of Scales The components can be fabricated in a range of scales for various uses. At vary large scales, the cells can even form a passageway large enough for humans, or Darth Vadar.

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Reference projects / inspiration for Interaction Design Workshop

Here are some cool projects which could possibly inspire our amazing OPENINGS design:

Light Form by Francesca Rogers and Daniele Gualeni LINK


The Making of Resonant Chamber by RVTR


Florian Kräutli - Magentic Curtain

Magnetic Curtain.jpg

Rael San Fratello - HEX Curtain LINK

HEX Curtain.jpeg

Jean Prouvé - Institut de Monde Arabe

Institut du monde arabe.jpg

Chuck Hoberman - Hoberman Arch

Chuck Hoberman - Hoberman Arch.JPG


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