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Andrei Musetescu; Diamadis Tegkelidis; Guangkai Liang; Iulian Ivan; Jasper Manders; Mohammed Khalili

Final Presentation

G1-FP 01.jpg G1-FP 02.jpg G1-FP 03.jpg G1-FP 04.jpg G1-FP 05.jpg

G1-FP 06.jpg G1-FP 07.jpg G1-FP 08.jpg G1-FP 09.jpg G1-FP 10.jpg

G1-FP 11.jpg G1-FP 12.jpg G1-FP 13.jpg G1-FP 14.jpg G1-FP 15.jpg

G1-FP 16.jpg G1-FP 17.jpg G1-FP 18.jpg G1-FP 19.jpg G1-FP 20.jpg

G1-FP 21.jpg G1-FP 22.jpg G1-FP 23.jpg G1-FP 24.jpg G1-FP 25.jpg



The assignment: to address the spatial configuration issuesthat diminishes the occupation degree per m2 for a 100m2apartment.To solve this; one first has to realize why we have the need for differentliving spaces, according to us this can be boiled down to two things. First the need for privacy and second having the items one needs to perform an activity at the right place due to cognition.

Our analysis of a 100 m2 apartment has resulted in an approach which states that if the issues concerning privacy and the allocation of activity supporting attributes for four persons inhabiting a 50m2spaceare solvable, it would be attainable for three, two or one persons as well.

From this understanding a solution could be derived by getting rid of unused space while simultaneously allowing the users to have the items and privacythey need to perform an activity when the need to perform this activity arises.

The notion of eliminating unused space calls for a certain amount of flexibility because a larger apartment would allow all of these functionalities at once. We intend to achieve this flexibility by making pop-up furniture part of the walls, floor and ceiling. Whilst this furniture pops up when a certain activity needs to take place, it also opens up storage that is related to this activity.

We have to take in consideration that our initial analysis of a larger apartment has changed by making the space more flexible it might have overlapping activities.Two activities that require the same amount of space but different furnishings and attributes cannot take place at the same place at the same time. Therefore the spaces for more communal activities (kitchen and living room) are surrounding the spaces that support activities that require more seclusion, these spaces can merge with the spaces next to it making space either grow or shrink within the apartment. This flexibility ensures that communal rooms have enough space to comfortably fit its inhabitants or when necessary, there are enough separate spaces to allow activities to take place next to each other. The merging or seclusion of spaces is achieved by opening or closing foldable separation walls.

The apartment communicates with smart devices; it keeps track of the users’location as well as it enables users to provide input concerning their need to perform an activity. The apartment will then propose a given set of possibilities and communicate this through visualizations and/or augmented reality. Next the user will be able to specify his or her preference. Because the apartment stores its current data and history in the cloud it will be able to determine a possible configuration when a user is approaching the house when no preference has been submitted, however this is optional.

Work in progress

Prototyping & Budget Estimation

G1-prototype-render01.png G1-prototype-elevation01.png G1-prototype-render02.png G1-prototype-elevation02.png Budget revised 14 May 2013.png


Material Reference storage reference furniture reference flexible wooden stool material company inflatable wood 1 inflatable wood 2

Fabrication Process

Draft model.gif DRAFT SECTIONS.jpg

Project (Mid-term)


G1MT 01.png G1MT 02.png G1MT 03.png G1MT 04.png G1MT 05.png

G1MT 06.png G1MT 07.png G1MT 08.png G1MT 09.png G1MT 10.png

G1MT 11.png G1MT 12.png G1MT 13.png G1MT 14.png G1MT 15.png

G1MT 16.png G1MT 17.png G1MT 18.png G1MT 19.png G1MT 20.png

G1MT 21.png G1MT 22.png G1MT 23.png G1MT 24.png G1MT 25.png

G1MT 26.png G1MT 27.png G1MT 28.png G1MT 29.png G1MT 30.png

G1MT 31.png G1MT 32.png G1MT 33.png G1MT 34.png G1MT 35.png

G1MT 36.png

Real time animation controlled by Iphone

Project (week 6)


Group1-week6 01.png Group1-week6 02.png Group1-week6 03.png Group1-week6 04.png Group1-week6 05.png
Group1-week6 06.png Group1-week6 07.png Group1-week6 08.png Group1-week6 09.png Group1-week6 10.png
Group1-week6 11.png Group1-week6 12.png Group1-week6 13.png Group1-week6 14.png Group1-week6 15.png
Group1-week6 16.png Group1-week6 17.png Group1-week6 18.png Group1-week6 19.png Group1-week6 20.png
Group1-week6 21.png Group1-week6 22.png Group1-week6 23.png Group1-week6 24.png Group1-week6 25.png
Group1-week6 26.png

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