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Cloud Life : Future living concept



Cloud life is a business model in which space is not rented out with a specific fixed use (e.g. bedroom, office, exhibiton space), but with completely flexible functions, digitally chosen and customized by the customer.

Cloud life diagram 3.jpg


By using an flexible, interactive and robotic interior, the operator offers a large variety of functions and space which users can choose and customize, creating a space perfectly suited to the needs of a specific users at that specific time.

Cloud life booking system 1.jpg

Cloud life Booking system.gif

Booking system 8.jpg

Retrofit existing or place in new buildings (which generates faster spread) Swarm logic → even when parts break down, system keeps operating Create the specific space you need, based on functions, shape and size. (pay per 5m2 / h)


Color, shapes and functions through online interface

Interface cloudlife.jpg

Online system → Prebook: design yourself / template / online sharing

Financial Viability

When renting out space, for example in the traditional examples as a hotel or flexible work places, the customer pays for the time he uses particular space and facilities. Therefore, to maximize profits occupancy has to be maximized (regarding time, facilities and space). Cloud life makes this maximum occupancy possible with its completely flexible interior, answering to the large variety of demand and desires of its customers.

The Cloud Life interior installation is designed to retrofit in existing buildings, introducing a new and smart way to rent out the surplus of vacant office buildings.

Started designing with finacial viability for property managers and users in mind.

Compare to current prices per hour with exact numbers

  From property managers perspective
  From users perspective (specify target group exactly: why them)	

Variable prices based on demand, within a range (reference plane tickets)

Spread of Cloud Life to many locations enhances individual memberships

Members have option to book a space, not rent/own (use references)



Show each part in the model seperately

Cloud life explode view.png

Wall (is also door, lighting and shelving system)

Bed (combine as many single beds as you like)

Desk (chair included, combine or unfold for bigger desk)


Cloud life User interface.jpg


Software/plugins used and communication methods used (internet/cables) --> Slide of Jiun about software and hardware used to change model You don’t need to be present to make changes (webcam, presets and live movement over internet)


Final full scale model

Using the livestream of our prototype, we get a live feed of changes we make in our model through the internet.

If the stream is not visible, please use this link:

Future Vision

Leon Photoshop Interior CloudLife.jpg

- More types of furniture which will be better adjustable
- More precision instead of 500x500mm grid
- More flexibility in all directions, not just orthogonally



00 group names for website.jpg

Javi Vidal Bernabeu, Xi Guo, Koen Kegel, Xindroe Volmer, Vivien Wu, Jiun Yu and Leon Zondervan



ir. Christian Friedriech, Dr. Henriette Bier, Dr. Nimish Biloria and prof. Kas Oosterhuis.

Prototyping support

Vera Laslo, Jia-Rey Chang (Gary) and Frank van Brunschot have been a tremendous help in the creation of our scale 1:1 prototype.


By donating materials, knowledge and transportation, the following sponsors have helped to create our 1:1 prototype:


Work documents

All documents below are free to see, copy and even edit.
We used them to streamline all communication and collaboration within the group and with our tutors and sponsors.

Final presentation working document:

To Do List:

List of spent money for the group:

Live Cloud Life prototype stream:

List of parts needed for the project:

List of sponsors:

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