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Final design

Popuplogo.jpg For the last decades, cities have become bigger, more diverse and denser. Citizens are asked to live in tinier houses, while demanding larger spaces and greater variety.

The pop-up apartment project is a response to this challenge. Occupying a space of only 50M2 in an existing building, it is aimed to reach the qualities of a much bigger apartment.

The goal is achieved by the creation of an interactive environment consisting of folding panels. Made out of polypropylene, the panels are able to fold and bend while remaining their structural strength. While sliding over rails, the panels are able to pop up into walls, chairs, beds or desk.

Like with a Swiss pocketknife, only the desired shapes are being folded out, while the others stay razor-thin in the existing walls. Therefore, a high variety of different spatial configurations is possible, creating only the spaces which are needed at a certain time. Bedrooms are not needed during the day, and can be transformed into a working space or large living room. The pop-up apartment allows to live in a continuously changing space, real-time tailored to the wishes of the future user.

Apart from the digital design, we were able to create a physical 1:1 interactive prototype of a part of the apartment.

Students: BehiƧ Can Aldemir Jeroen van Lith Steph Kanters Sol van Kempen Izabela Slodka Maciej Wieczorkowski




DSC4830 small.jpg DSC4831 small.jpg


DSC4838 small.jpg DSC4833 small.jpg

DSC4819 small.jpg DSC4820 small.jpg DSC4822 small.jpg

DSC4824 small.jpg DSC4825 small.jpg DSC4826 small.jpg

Presentation 13.05.2013

4 01.jpg

4 02.jpg

4 03.jpg

4 04.jpg

4 05.jpg

Group4 render2.jpg

4 06.jpg

Group4 render1.jpg

4 07.jpg

4 08.jpg

4 09.jpg

4 10.jpg

4 11.jpg

Proto make2d-01.jpg

4 12.jpg

Costs estimation group4.jpg

4 14.jpg


Workspace4 small.jpg

Price estimate group 4.jpg

Presentation 03052013-03.jpg

Presentation 03052013-04.jpg

Presentation 03052013-05.jpg

Presentation 03052013-06.jpg

Midterm Presentation

Presentation 13 04 12-01.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-02.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-03.jpg Pesentation Group 4 number 4.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-05.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-08.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-07.jpg Prototype.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-11.jpg

Presentation 13 04 12-12.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-13.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-14.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-15.jpg Presentation 13 04 12-16.jpg 650px 650px 650px

10 iza small.jpg

Interaction principles

Interaction Principles.jpg

Component principles

Section folding2.jpg


Presentation 22 03 13-01.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-02.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-03.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-04.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-05.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-06.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-07.jpg Render2small.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-08.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-09.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-10.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-11.jpg Presentation 22 03 13-12.jpg

Presentation 22 03 13-13.jpg

Living scenarios

Functions possibilities-01.jpg Scenarios configurations-01.jpg Zoom in kitchen-01.jpg


Folding Wood.jpeg Possible detail small 2.jpg Possible detail 2 small 2.jpg

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