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Project name

author(s): Léon Spikker, M.N.B. Valk, Mallika Arora, Mikal Papež, Sarah J. Roberts, Wessel van Beerendonk

Reference projects / inspiration for Interaction Design Workshop

Here are some cool projects which could possibly inspire our amazing OPENINGS design:

Light Form by Francesca Rogers and Daniele Gualeni LINK


The Making of Resonant Chamber by RVTR


Florian Kräutli - Magentic Curtain

Magnetic Curtain.jpg

Rael San Fratello - HEX Curtain LINK

HEX Curtain.jpeg

Jean Prouvé - Institut de Monde Arabe

Institut du monde arabe.jpg

Chuck Hoberman - Hoberman Arch

Chuck Hoberman - Hoberman Arch.JPG


== 01NAME, 02NAME


Sample image.png

Sample image.png

Sample image.png

Sample image.png

Sample image.png

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