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(Presentation II)
(Presentation II)
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Presentation II

Hyperbody concept

Presentation21.jpg Presentation22.jpg Presentation23.jpg Presentation24.jpg Presentation25.jpg Presentation26+.jpg Presentation27.jpg Presentation28.jpg Presentation29.jpg

Geometrics - Tensegrity


1. Reasons for the choice of a Tensegrity Structure

2. Bio-geomtry, efficiency and optimization

3. Panelling options - Rigid, Membrane and Pneumatic systems

Youtube Links

Perception - Visual Infinity

Tensegrity Dimension 1 - Local Geometry

Surface TensegrityInfinity2.jpg Surface TensegrityInfinity5.jpg Surface TensegrityInfinity1.jpg

Perception - Spatial Infinity

Tensegrity Dimension 2 - Global Geometry

Spatial TensegrityInfinity2.jpg

Spatial TensegrityInfinity3.jpg

Spatial TensegrityInfinity1.jpg

Perception - Physical Infinity through Boundary Dissolution

Tensegrity Dimension 3 - Interactive Structure

BoundaryDissolution TensegrityInfinity5.jpg

BoundaryDissolution TensegrityInfinity1.jpg

BoundaryDissolution TensegrityInfinity3.jpg


Perception - Virtual Infinity through Post Indexical Projections


Shared Housing

Statistics of prospective inhabitants

Moded Page 1.jpg Moded Page 2.jpg



Group6 (1).jpg Group6 (2).jpg Group6 (3).jpg Group6 (4).jpg Group6 (5).jpg

Group6 (6).jpg
Group6 (7).jpg
Group6 (8).jpg
Group6 (9).jpg
Group6 (10).jpg

Group6 (11).jpg Group6 (12).jpg Group6 (13).jpg Group6 (14).jpg


Room perception

Perception Colour


0 use of naturecolors from view.jpg

5- linke colors adjacent rooms.jpg

7 use cool colors makes room bigger.jpg

9 If you use prints, make them smaller.jpg

5- linke colors adjacent rooms.jpg

Avoid color contrasts in walls
Use colors of outer space in interior to decrease physical boundary
Use same colors for walls/floors in adjacent spaces
Use cool colors to make walls visually further away
If you use prints, make them smaller than usual --> maybe small components ?

Perception light

2 use natural light.jpg


Use as many natural lights as possible

Perception of furniture in a place

3 furniture with legs enlarge the room.jpg

8 Get rid of unneeded details.jpg

11 Use of mirrors.jpg

4- organise the storage efficient and store (further) away unneeded.jpg

Leave room between furniture and floor/wall
Use little details Use of mirrors Place storage where it belongs (put some stuf further away than others)

Environmental Housing

Natural environment 1.jpg Natural environment 2.jpg Natural environment 3.jpg Natural environment 4.jpg Natural environment 5.jpg Natural environment 6.jpg Natural environment 7.jpg Natural environment 8.jpg Natural environment 9.jpg

Natural environment 10.jpg

Perception - Visual Infinity

Fractal kaliedoscope 1.jpg Fractal kaliedoscope 2.jpg Fractal kaliedoscope 3.jpg Fractal kaliedoscope 4.jpg Fractal kaliedoscope 6.jpg Fractal kaliedoscope 7.jpg Fractal kaliedoscope 8.jpg

Perception - Spatial Infinity

Perception motion

Infinite.jpg Infinite2.jpg 15 open doors.jpg 100px 100px Infinite Fluidity 2.jpg Infinite Fluidity 3.jpg Infinite Fluidity 4.jpg Infinite Fluidity 5.jpg Infinite Fluidity 6.jpg

Infinite Fluidity 7.jpg

Perception - Virtual Infinity through Post Indexical projected Fluidity

Screen projection 1.jpg Screen projection 2.jpg Screen projection 3.jpg Screen projection 4.jpg


Perception - Physical infinity through Boundary dissolution

Surface dissolving.jpg

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