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G1MT 01.png


Member(s): Andrei Musetescu, Diamadis Tegkelidis, Guangkai Liang, Iulian Ivan, Jasper Manders, Mohammed Al-Khalili


We are group 1



G1MT 01.png G1MT 02.png G1MT 03.png G1MT 04.png G1MT 05.png

G1MT 06.png G1MT 07.png G1MT 08.png G1MT 09.png G1MT 10.png

G1MT 11.png G1MT 12.png G1MT 13.png G1MT 14.png G1MT 15.png

G1MT 16.png G1MT 17.png G1MT 18.png G1MT 19.png G1MT 20.png

G1MT 21.png G1MT 22.png G1MT 23.png G1MT 24.png G1MT 25.png

G1MT 26.png G1MT 27.png G1MT 28.png G1MT 29.png G1MT 30.png

G1MT 31.png G1MT 32.png G1MT 33.png G1MT 34.png G1MT 35.png

G1MT 36.png

Real time animation controlled by Iphone

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